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At M-Brace Airdrie our team’s main priority is your comfort. We all work together to ensure you have an enjoyable treatment journey with great results.

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Orthodontic Therapists

Orthodontic Therapists are relatively new to UK dentistry, registered with the General Dental Council following the successful completion of an approved course and the award of the Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy.

Orthodontic Therapists assist the Specialist Orthodontist to fit, adjust and remove braces and work to the prescription of the supervising orthodontist. They can also carry out treatments in the best interest of patients in an emergency by relieving pain or making appliances safe, in the absence of an orthodontist.

We are proud to be one of the few clinics in the UK to properly embrace the role of Orthodontic Therapists.

Lyndsey Dowie

Orthodontic Therapist

GDC No. : 131766

Sheree McLatchie

Orthodontic Therapist

GDC No. : 171631

Treatment Coordinators

Booking a Complimentary Consultation with our Treatment Coordinators, Lisa and Pamela, couldn’t be easier. At that consultation you chat informally about what you would like to achieve and how we can help you.

  • Whether it’s Invisalign, Clarity or Incognito braces you’re interested in, your FREE initial Treatment Coordinator consultation will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision to take the next step.
  • Your Treatment Coordinator will stay with you throughout the next stage where your Clinical Consultation will be arranged and carried out with our Specialist Orthodontist by the end of which you will have a full and clear treatment plan.
  • If you are considering private treatment and would like to see how Pamela and Lisa can help, please call us on 01506 653535 or email us at

Support during your treatment
During your treatment you can keep in touch with Pamela and Lisa on their work mobiles, in case you have any queries: Pamela – 07723652285 / Lisa – 07862061131

Pamela Richardson

Treatment Coordinator

Lisa Cameron

Treatment Coordinator

GDC No. : 256041


Vicki is our approachable and highly organised Practice Manager. She will make sure everything regarding your appointments and patient experience runs smoothly.

Vicki Maxwell

Practice Manager / Dental Nurse

GDC No. : 247831

Orthodontic Nurses

Rebecca, Dominika and Helen are our team of Dental Nurses. They are all registered with the General Dental Council. Our nurses are dedicated to making our patients orthodontic journey comfortable and friendly in a caring environment.They are highly qualified and many possess radiography and impression-taking qualifications.

Rebecca Farley

Dental Nurse

GDC No. : 274126

Dominika Kozlowska

Dental Nurse

GDC No. : 249093


Hannah is the smiling face of our practice, on the front desk. She will be sure to give you a warm and friendly welcome whenever you come in or contact us. Hannah also works as a Practice Administrator.

Hannah Gibb


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